UPVC Sliding Patio Door Locks

UPVC Sliding Patio Door Locks for Safety and Security

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UPVC Sliding Patio Door LocksUPVC is popular as material for patio door. People install this door to let them enter the patio easily. Sliding door for patio has different lock, but basic mechanism is similar. Several factors should be considered when installing UPVC sliding patio door locks. Usually, you get door lock when purchasing the door in complete set. The store will give warranty, but unexpected thing may happen that ruins the door lock.

Consideration in UPVC Sliding Patio Door Locks

UPVC door locks are integrated into door’s handle. When replacing this stuff, you may change the whole handle or only for lock door. Buying this lock alongside its handle is recommended because the door does not need adjustment due to compatibility of door lock. If you get separated lock, the handle needs to be adjusted to fit the lock. This work takes professional to accomplish.

There are several locks with different model, size, and design. In order to pick the right one, you need to check the door specification, especially for UPVC sliding patio door locks. After knowing lock specs, you have two options. Firstly, replace the door lock as similar to old one. The problem is availability, particularly when your door is no longer in production. Of course, the store will provide lock with similar type. Second option is opportunity to improve the security level. You can examine old lock then see the fragility that needs to handle immediately. Patio door connects to outdoor or garden, which thas high risk when the lock is fragile.

UPVC is not new material for door because high durability, low maintenance, and easy to install. However, there is trade-off for being low maintenance, especially sliding door. The door is high durability and resistant to weather, but not for the lock. UPVC door locks are a little bit fragile to compensate the UPVC structure.

Well, how much UPVC sliding patio door locks are? The price for door lock is various, depends on the level of security, design, and material. You may spend from $50 to $100 for regular product. At store, customer gets two packages, which are separated lock or complete set with handle. You just need replace lock and separated lock is good choice. Keep in mind that the price may not include installation.

From explanation above, you understand that UPVC sliding patio door locks have more aspects to consider. Technical matter is important, but do not forget about price, design, and installation. It is better to read thoroughly manual book for patio UPVC front doors, especially the lock section. Therefore, you may not worry about replacing old lock into the new one.

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