UPVC Door Locking Mechanism Problems

UPVC Door Locking Mechanism Problems and Reasons

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UPVC Door Locking Mechanism ProblemsDo you know what the UPVC door locking mechanism problems are? If you often deal with loose lock, sticking lock, or jammed door, you aren’t alone. They are the common issues happening to doors. Millions of homeowners are experiencing the same problems so you shouldn’t worry too much about it. You probably have suffered from the lock-out or lock-in situation where consulting the professional locksmith can solve it.

UPVC Door Locking Mechanism Problems as the Common Issues

Today’s modern houses are equipped with the composite doors or UPVC doors which have this multipoint locking system. These UPVC door locks have the hooks and bolts combination. When you lift the handle, the bolts and hooks will extend to the frame, locking it. This system is definitely different from the old school wooden doors with only two locking system, the mortice lock and the Yale lock (or also known as the cylinder nightlatch).

Although these multiple locking systems are viewed as the modern and safe mechanism, they have their own problems. One of the most common UPVC door locking mechanism problems is the stiff lock or the key simply won’t turn. There are some possible causes for the issue. First of all, the key has certain parts that have been worn away. Second, it is also possible that you are using the wrong key. Third, the door lock doesn’t get enough lubrication. The door lock has smaller levers and pins inside it, and they can dry up. When they are dry, they may not fit the dimension properly and they stop operating smoothly. Fourth, if you have copied the keys several times, it is possible that the current key (made from copies of copies from the original one) doesn’t fit the original door lock.

Another common UPVC door locking mechanism problems is that you can’t lift the handle up. If you encounter this kind of UPVC door locks problem, there are two possible causes. First of all, there is a misalignment between the door and the frame. The position of the door has moved from the original spot, resulting in a mismatching. If it happens to the UPVC front doors, it is most likely caused by the hinges that are pulled down by gravity, especially if it has been around for quite some time.

The second cause is because of the broken gearbox. A gearbox is the part where rollers, bolts, and hooks are working together. Because of the misaligned issue, the gearbox won’t function properly, leading to a break. It takes a professional service to help you with the issue. In an overall case, it would be a good idea to consult a professional service if you are really clueless about everything. Consulting them to identify the UPVC door locking mechanism problems can save you money as well as spending unnecessary expenses.

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