UPVC Door Lock Adjustment

UPVC Door Lock Adjustment to Keep it Works

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UPVC Door Lock AdjustmentAdjusting door lock is not difficult, but still need skill. For your information, door lock has two types, which are usually installed. Discussing about UPVC door lock adjustment will involve both of them in order to get vary perspective.

More Details of UPVC Door Lock Adjustment

You may familiar with key to open the door when it is locked. People with key have authority to open the door from both sides. This is first type of UPVC door locks and the adjustment for this lock is not easy. Adjustment considers the type of lock, design, door handle, material, and installation. Why do you need adjustment? In this case, the door is not be able to close properly and you cannot put key inside keyhole. When the door is not properly closed, check its hinge before open the key area. Sometimes, you just need simple tool to adjust door position then the key will back to normal.

Your door is perfectly right, but still difficult to lock with key. This is more advanced problem and you may consider opening handle. UPVC door lock adjustment involves the door handle and some screwdrivers. You commonly buy the door alongside handle and its lock then install them together. One problem appears because of single mistake of installation. Check again the handle position then make sure the door lock is in proper form.

Second type of UPVC door locks is flip mode. This key is installed at one side, usually with chain. You can flip the key to one side to hold the door and prevent people to enter. This lock does not need the key, but only people in one side are able to flip this lock. Actually, this door lock may not belong to regular lock with key. However, you may consider putting attention in order to enhance the security aspect.

Now, it is time to back into first type again. You already check the handle and door lock but cannot find any trouble. Unfortunately, the door is still difficult to lock that makes it more vulnerable. Adjustment may not suitable option because the door is broken. When this thing happens, the only solution is new door lock. UPVC door lock adjustment is important when you just replace handle, but retain the old lock.

Problem with the door lock and its key is not easy. You need to read the door specs entirely before taking an action. If you think the problem is not in your control, it is better to ask professional. Keep in mind that UPVC door lock adjustment is different from replacement. The lock may be still in good condition, but it does not properly work.

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