UPVC Door Handle Broken

Replacement Solution for UPVC Door Handle Broken

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UPVC Door Handle BrokenHandle broken is common problem due to several causes. Normally, you will get handle in broken situation due to long period of utilization. You can replace UPVC door handle broken with similar model or completely different. If the latter is your choice, some matters should be considered in order to adjust with door and other properties. Handle broke does not mean replace entire door with new model. The next section will explore more about such matter.

Finding Right Handle for UPVC Door Handle Broken

UPVC is different from PVC due to high capability to withstand in outdoor condition. You can find UPVC for front door because more cost efficiency than wooden. UPVC door handles have basic design that consists of back plate, lever, keyhole, screw area, and cartridge. Handle gets broken because improper handling or external force. You use door extensively and roughly which affect handle significantly. External force means handle is broken due to unintentional cause that makes immediate effect.

You find difficulty to get similar handle because not available at store. Door handle is nor fashion product, but have short life on market. Three to five years are top period for door handle before new design and model will be released. However, you can get new handle to replace UPVC door handle broken with similar size.

UPVC door handles have distance called PZ. It is distance between lever and keyhole. You need to measure this thing to adjust new handle into old installation. Distance is various from 5 cm to 11 cm. More than 11 cm is not usual size because too long for door handle. Back plate is long plate in vertical position as basis area for keyhole, lever, and screw. Back plate determines total length of handle. Unique handle has engraved pattern on this part. Of course, you hardly see in UPVC front doors.

Another part is screw position. Top screw might be below or above lever. It might affect significantly because of them have similar purpose to keep balance. You should buy handle with similar screw position. If top screw is above lever, door handle looks short. Lever position is slightly in the middle. When replace UPVC door handle broken, screw position is definitely important.

It is easier to buy from similar store or manufacturer. However, you need to measure every distance to make sure door get proper handle. If handle is in different size, door should be adjusted, particularly for screw and keyhole position. Therefore, you will get proper handle to replace UPVC door handle broken.

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