Old Style UPVC Door Handles

Old Style UPVC Door Handles with Vintage Design

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Old Style UPVC Door HandlesDoor handle comes in various designs from simple to complex one. The design should fit overall door appearance. You are familiar with UPVC front door because it is common to use in many house. Most of handle is designed in plain and practical design. However, you can try old style UPVC door handles to give different accent for the house. If you use it for front door, these handles will capture the attention.

The Models and Designs of Old Style UPVC Door Handles

Keep in mind that old style UPVC door handles do not have to be old product that you buy ten years ago. It is about design and model of the door handle that’s different from common style. Majority of handles have plain lever, backplate, and standard keyhole. You will see this style in many UPVC door from one house to other. You may want to make distinction and try the old style to implement as the door handle.

When talking about old style, you may think about carved pattern in backplate. That is not entirely wrong, but you can expect much from wooden-based door handle. UPVC Door handles do not just come from metal or stainless. Wooden has potential to use as the door handle. Of course, the design and style are different because these handles are handmade. You cannot find in regular store, but you can order directly from workshop.

Old style UPVC door handles still retain basic function and composition. Door handles have lever, keyhole, screw place, and backplate. If you want to replace door handle with new one, it is better to measure everything. Check the distance from top screw to bottom one. Measure distance between lever and keyhole. As mentioned above, handle with old style is not easy to find at store. If you decide to order customized product, these measurements are important as the base information.

UPVC door handles may look impressive and attractive due to old style, but do not forget functionality. Sometimes, people want to replace door handle to impress neighbors without concerning for its functionality. The handle should be installed properly in order to get high security level. What is the purpose of door? It is helper to pass from one area to other.

For some, the UPVC front doors cannot work properly after installing the old style handle. This is not good and you may try to back into the design that’s more practical. Actually, there is nothing wrong to install old style UPVC door handles. However, some matters should be considered in order to keep everything in order. Therefore, your door looks attractive with vintage design.

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