How to Fix UPVC Door Handle

How to Fix UPVC Door Handle Properly and Effectively?

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How to Fix UPVC Door HandleUPVC door is common to use in many houses due to high durability and cost effectiveness. UPVC is advanced version of PVC, so it is strong enough to be front door to face the outside condition. However, handle for this door gets similar problem as others. How to fix UPVC door handle? The answer for this question will be presented below.

Steps in How to Fix UPVC Door Handle

You can replace handle with new one in no time, but some preliminary aspects should be considered. To find the right UPVC Door Handles, you need to measure some matters. Check the distance between lever and keyhole. Lever is the real handle in this device when your hand grasps to open and shut the door. Why is the distance important? You may install the door five years ago and the handle is just broken. Finding similar handle to replace the old one might be tiresome because the model is no longer available.

Second and third measurements are total length of backplate and distance from top to the bottom screw. You cannot just buy random handle without knowing how long from top to the bottom screw. Overall length of handle determines accuracy. In general, the same length will provide less issue to adjust and replace the old handle to new one. How to fix UPVC door handle? First step is to find the right handle from three basic measurements. There are keyhole, lever, and screw position.

The next step is tool. UPVC door handles do not take many tools to replace and fix. Keep in mind that fixing and replacing are different. Broken handle can be fixed, but replacing is the simplest and easiest way to overcome the problem. You just need screwdriver to remove screw from the door.

Now, it is time to implement what you have known in how to fix UPVC door handle. Open the door, so you can reach the opposite of handle. You can buy handle in pair to replace both of sides. Put screwdriver on top screw and unleash it. Put your another hand is in opposite of handle to keep balance and hold for moment. After the top screw is done, next target is bottom screw. Next, remove handles in both sides carefully. Put new backplate in one side then the opposite one. Use screwdriver to hold and lock bottom and top screw. Finally, you door is ready.

Additional matters regarding this process are the door thickness, screw design, and keyhole type. If you use similar keyhole, it is better to try the door safety by lock and unlock mode. How to fix UPVC door handle? You already know to answer it properly.

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