Extra Security to Your House by Installing Yale UPVC Door Lock

Extra Security to Your House by Installing Yale UPVC Door Lock

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Extra Security to Your House by Installing Yale UPVC Door LockYale UPVC door lock is one of trustable security products. Deciding to choose this appliance to your door is a right way. It has been fitted to the UPVC door for the last few years. The company offers some related tools such as door gearbox locks. They are available in a variety of forms, including deadbolt locking and hook. The Yale locking mechanisms for UPVC door has a number of adjustable systems. Your UPVC door locking system can be replaced by one of these products if you wish an extra security.

Types of Yale UPVC Door Lock and Specifications

The mechanism of Yale UPVC door lock is obviously excellent. This is one of the basic reasons why this product is well known and in demand. We know that the mechanism of door security is extremely important. Therefore, if you intend to choose this kind of UPVC door locks, you can feel that your home is more secure. With a variety of types and sizes, you have many options to find the best system for your doors.

Before installing these appliances to your door, it would be better to peruse and note each qualification of the UPVC door locks. You need to really understand how the mechanism is and how it works. There are several samples of Yale door locks for your UPVC door security.

First is UPVC Door Lock Case Gear Box Yale Asgard. There are two main types of Yale Asgard based on the backset size. The backset sizes provided are 35 mm and 45 mm. Both of these types have face plate dimension at the size 16mm or 20 mm when they are connected to the full lock plate. These products have twin spindles that work alternately. The separate spindle lets the door to be locked and unlocked when the lower one is used.

Second is Yale YS170 UPVC Door Lock. It is another type of Yale UPVC door lock. Unlike the Yale Asgard type, this type does not use twin spindles. It only has a split spindle. If it is being used, it lets the door to be locked and unlocked. Another specification you need to know is the size of spindle to key and the backset. The backset sizes are 35mm and 45mm and spindle to key size is 62 mm or 92 mm.

And the last is 3 Hooks Yale Fix Asgard. The locking point of this type lies on the 3 hooks that go up when they are operated. It has spindle to key in 92 mm and 70 mm. Its face plate dimension is 16 mm and the backset available is 35 mm. If you have made your decision to purchase these door security appliances, you need to make sure if the products you choose fit your UPVC  front door. Basically, Yale UPVC door lock has been sold widely across the country. It means that these products are highly recommended.

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