Easy Guidance in Changing Lock on UPVC Door

Easy Guidance in Changing Lock on UPVC Door

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Easy Guidance in Changing Lock on UPVC DoorIf you are planning for changing lock on UPVC door, you don’t have to attempt a hard effort. Some door locks might have some elaborate structure. UPVC door locks are not included in that category. They have simpler structure and basic locking system yet still provide a reliable protection level. Replacing UPVC door locks is quite easy process. You only need to provide a new lock barrel and a lone screwdriver.

People might face several different reasons to change the lock. The most common reasons that happen to the UPVC door is broken or damage. You are suggested to contact the nearest locksmith to give the best solution. Otherwise, if you find it is not a big deal, you can handle it by yourself by following the guidance.

How to Get Started in Changing Lock on UPVC Door?

There are some basic steps you need to follow for changing lock on UPVC door efficiently. Firstly, you need to identify the type of the existing UPVC door locks. Since there is a variety of UPVC door lock, it is a must to identify the brand of the lock. Knowing and identifying the door lock brand will be helpful to find a new lock to replace the existing one. Don’t forget to identify the locking point as well since there are various styles of the locking point such as pins, hook and deadbolt.

Secondly, after making sure the type of the lock you need for replacing the old one, of course you need to measure it. Commonly, the UPVC door locks are measured by in two standard steps. First, it is a PZ measurement. This measurement is started from the center of the circular section of the keyhole on the front side of the door to the square spindle. The second step is a backset measurement, which is started from the center of the circular section of the keyhole to the edge of the lock plate. Next, start removing the retaining screw which is placed on the faceplate on the door sides. You need a screwdriver to loosen and remove it from the faceplate.

Thirdly, removing the cylinder is the next step in changing lock on UPVC door. This step might be a little difficult since you have to do an experiment first. Waggle and pull the key gently while it is inserted into the lock and turn it to the right and left position until the lock cylinder start being loose. Once it gets loose, pull it out of the socket. After it is done, you can replace the lock immediately.

Start inserting the new cylinder into the socket as the previous one was positioned. The last, you need to insert the retaining screw back into the hole using a screwdriver carefully. By following those basic steps in changing lock on UPVC door, it may be quite easy to do it by yourself efficiently. Make sure you provide all the tools needed.

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